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William Ahern Esq.

Allen Matkins

Bill is a transactional real estate attorney with an ability to grasp the big picture. With more than 20 years of experience in structuring virtually all types of real estate projects, and with a particular focus on the joint venture and tax aspects of such transactions, he serves as a resource that can save his clients time, money, and stress.

Bill works as full-service counsel for his clients—both large and small. He has a global understanding of real estate transactions, with a particular focus on joint ventures, 1031 like-kind exchanges, Prop. 13 Planning, opportunity zone investments, and more. This experience has given Bill a holistic understanding of how deals are likely to unfold, uncover unspoken or hidden agendas, and anticipate and defuse potential problems that can derail transactions. His deep understanding of joint ventures and tax also allows Bill to provide insight with respect to structural and tax saving strategies, which can help maximize returns. Bill works with a wide range of clients from start-up real estate sponsors to the nation’s largest financial institutions.

For sponsors and entrepreneurs, he partners with owners from day one as an overseer who attempts to streamline and assists in managing projects from cradle-to-grave, while serving as a resource throughout their growth trajectory. From structuring the company’s initial organizational documents, establishing co-investment funds, creating investment platforms with financial partners, to assembling appropriate teams to assist in all their other real estate, employment, litigation, and day-to-day operational needs, Bill enjoys working with these entrepreneurs, who are behind some of Southern California’s most active and successful real estate developments.

For larger institutions and major capital providers, Bill generally handles the pieces of the transaction that relate to their equity investment. From single asset and programmatic joint ventures, participating development management agreements, participating loans, to various other structures, the deal flow at Allen Matkins has allowed Bill to see and negotiate virtually every type of deal structure, as well as develop an understanding of what structures and terms work well with a client’s particular needs and objectives. Both large and small, Bill has maintained many long-standing relationships with his clients, and prides himself on his ability to advise on the issues that are worth challenging, verses those presenting only theoretical risk. Bill has successfully handled a range of real estate projects, including luxury high-rise apartment buildings, creative office buildings, multi-use developments, and large industrial projects.

In all matters, Bill brings candor in highlighting unique concerns, providing pros and cons, and offering alternate approaches to marshal both opportunities and risks. Accustomed to working with a variety of specialists, consultants, brokers, and accountants, he can guide even the most complex and intense deals to successful completion.

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