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David Burge

Project Manager
MarketOne Builders

Starting with sandcastles at various Northern California beaches, Dave has a lifelong passion for the built environment. Inspired by his Grandfather, Dave’s professional career started in 1993 after graduating from California State University Chico with a degree in Construction Management. While those sandcastles weren’t structurally sound, the inter-relationship of design and hands on construction eventually led to Dave’s first Design/Build LEED Certified Project in 2003, back when USGBC and LEED were in their infancy. From there he was hooked; and has continued with sustainable building practices since then. While not all projects in Dave’s career were tracked for stainability awards; his projects do include multiple DBIA and AIA awards at both local and national levels. Select project awards include both LEED and U.S. Resiliency Council Platinum ratings, an AIA C.O.T.E. top 10, a DBIA National Award of Excellence, ENR California Award of Merit, and a ZNE + Carbon Neutral project thrown in for good measure. All in, Dave has completed almost 1 million Square Feet of sustainable projects. “I’m honored and humbled to work alongside some of the industry’s top professionals and assist our projects to earn these prestigious awards.”

The Ziggurat was Dave’s first opportunity to approach LEED’s Building Operations and Maintenance for Existing Buildings (LEED O&M). This Design/Build project with MarketOne Builders, achieved a LEED Gold rating in 2022. “During the project, we learned quickly, tackling a LEED project from an O&M perspective is quite different from the Construction viewpoint. We needed additional expertise, and EBI Consultants fit the bill.” It was not without tremendous teamwork from EBI, Nome Capital Partners, Newmark, California DGS, and MarketOne Builders that this significant goal was achieved.

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