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Curt Spaugh

Director, Special Servicing

Curt Spaugh is a Director in SitusAMC’s Special Serving division responsible for the oversight of the asset management team.

Mr. Spaugh has extensive experience in all aspects of non-performing loan management including collateral valuation, alternative analyses, loan modification negotiations, and the pursuit of legal remedies including judicial foreclosures and bankruptcy. Additionally, Mr. Spaugh has extensive experience working with REMIC and PSA servicing requirements.

Prior to SitusAMC, Mr. Spaugh was with the Special Servicing Division of GMAC Commercial Mortgage/Capmark. His responsibilities included oversight of the Irvine and San Francisco CMBS Special Servicing operations as well as management of all CMBS underwriters in Capmark’s Assumption and Special Request unit. Mr. Spaugh was a member of the Special Servicing Credit Committee that approved and oversaw the resolutions of all major loans in Capmark’s Special Servicing loan portfolio. His professional experience also includes asset management for Citibank, Bay View Federal Bank and American Savings and Loan Association.

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