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Ben Leybovich


Ben Leybovich, Principal at WhiteHaven, is an accomplished real estate investment professional with a career spanning close to 20 years. His journey in the real estate industry commenced in 2006, and since then, he has successfully orchestrated the acquisition of 1,286 residential units across the country.

Ben’s expertise in multifamily real estate is diverse, covering a spectrum from 1960s vintage workforce housing to 2000s vintage Core Plus units, from light value add to high-end repositioning. As the Principal of WhiteHaven,  Ben plays a pivotal role in overseeing new acquisitions, asset management, and cultivating strong investor relations.

His commitment to excellence and keen strategic insights have positioned him as a trusted leader in the industry. Ben’s responsibilities at WhiteHaven extend to the comprehensive management of the investment lifecycle. From identifying lucrative opportunities and executing acquisitions to diligently managing assets and fostering positive relationships with investors, Ben’s contributions are integral to the success of the firm.

Ben holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Cincinnati, where he pursued both his undergraduate and graduate studies. His academic foundation has equipped him with a solid understanding of the complexities of the real estate market. Beyond his role as a real estate professional, Ben is a public speaker, sharing his insights and experiences at events nationwide. Additionally, he is a published author, contributing his valuable perspectives to real estate.

Residing in the Phoenix Metro area, Ben finds balance in his life with his wife, Patrisha, their two children, Aaron and Isabella, and the family pet, CeCe.

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