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2024 Webinar

Decoding Gray Work to Unlock Workforce Productivity

Connect Decoding Gray Work to Unlock Workforce Productivity

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Discover how Gray Work is costing you and your organization millions

Research has found that almost 70% of workers spend nearly 20 hours per week chasing information between different tech systems instead of doing high impact work that drives revenue. These wasted hours are also known as Gray Work.

In this Webinar, experts from Quickbase and Quandary Consulting Group delve into the concept of ‘Gray Work’ and explain how it’s the key to unlocking your biggest competitive advantage.
Watch now to not only explore what Gray Work is, but learn how to identify it, and explore strategies for overcoming it to enter a new era of workforce productivity.

  • Recognizing Gray Work in your organization
  • The cost of Gray Work
  • How to eliminate Gray Work
  • Transitioning into dynamic work + the tools and capabilities needed

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