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Paris Rutherford

Catalyst Urban Development

For over 30 years, Paris Rutherford has had a consistent track record in the creation of market-leading mixed-use and residential districts. His focus is delivering profitable urban investment that capitalizes on the broader community’s desire for Great Places as defined through design, market and social success. He has prepared successful strategies for hallmark destinations across the United States, and was instrumental in the rejuvenation of urban communities in Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta, Tampa and other cities through walkable urbanism.

Since Catalyst’s inception, Mr. Rutherford has guided the company’s award-winning development and strategic planning efforts following a methodology that generates innovative investment, successful relationships, and enhanced market demand. Prior to forming Catalyst, Mr. Rutherford was a managing partner at RTKL Associates where he lead the firm’s planning division across eight global offices, and served on its Board of Directors. His work has received over 100 awards and been highlighted in such publications as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Urban Land Magazine. He has spoken at respected venues including the National Press Club, Urban Land Institute, and ICSC among others, and has been featured on national broadcasts such as CNBC’s Closing Bell and PBS’s News Hour. Mr. Rutherford is a graduate of the University of Southern California and Harvard University.

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