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Alexis Sofyanos

Director of Investor Relations
TruAmerica Multifamily

Alexis Sofyanos joined TruAmerica Multifamily in March 2024 as Director of Investor Relations. Based in Chicago, Sofyanos brings nearly a decade of multifamily experience spanning capital markets, financial analysis, and strategy, and encompassing key roles at Freddie Mac Multifamily and Esusu Financial.

Before joining TruAmerica, Sofyanos served as VP at Esusu Financial since May of 2022. She oversaw the company’s revenue and business development efforts with a focus on scaling Esusu’s ESG strategies to maximize both social impact and return on investment for multifamily owners, operators, and investors.

Sofyanos launched her multifamily career at Freddie Mac on the production and sales team. She and her team were for responsible for $12 billion to $17 billion in annual loan volume across the Midwest and Texas markets from 2014-2020. Her latest role at Freddie Mac was senior director of equitable housing, where she was responsible for spearheading more innovative, scalable ESG impact solutions at both the individual loan level and aggregate bond level.

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